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Drink driving prosecutions faced by motorists set to increase

The number of motorists facing prosecution for a charge of drink driving is set to massively increase if the Government reduces the drink drive limit in England and Wales.  This would mean a motorist could be over the drink drive limit and face a prosecution for driving with excess alcohol after consuming a single pint of beer or glass of wine.

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The legal drink drive limit may be reduced in the near future

The police commissioners in England and Wales are demanding that the legal drink drive limit be cut by as much as 1/3 despite the government recently ruling this out.

Police commissioners have demanded that the legal drink drive limit across England and Wales should be brought into line with that in Scotland. Motorists should be aware of this because it is possible that a single alcoholic drink could put a motorist over the drink drive limit resulting in a police prosecution and driving disqualification. The basis of the reduction in the legal limit is that it would improve road safety.

Drink drive experts including forensic scientists and accident reconstruction experts are almost unanimous in their belief that a reduction in the drink drive limit would improve road safety.

At the moment there are two different drink drive limits, one for Scotland and one for England and Wales. England has the highest legal drink drive limit in Europe. The legal drink driving  limit in blood is 80 MG of alcohol per 100 ML of blood. In Scotland this has been cut to 50 MG. It is worthy of note that the legal limit imposed in England has been in existence for 50 years. When it was introduced vehicles would travel significantly slower and the number of vehicles on the road would have been less than half that there is now.

In any event, if the limit is reduced, it is a safe prediction that the number of motorists prosecuted by the police for driving with excess alcohol and thereby facing a driving ban would, in the short term at least, undoubtedly rise very quickly.
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Read all posts by Robert Bimpson Posted by: Robert Bimpson on July 25th, 2016 @ 09:05 AM
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Stay hydrated to avoid road traffic accidents

Recent research from Loughborough University has confirmed that mildly dehydrated motorists make as many mistakes as those over the drink drive limit for alcohol and more than twice as many mistakes as those who were properly hydrated.

Motorists who drunk as little as 25 ML of water an hour  whilst driving , apparently made as many mistakes as those over the drink drive limit. The conclusion is that whilst drinking when impired through drugs or over the legal drink drive alcohol limit increases the risk of accidents there is an unrecognised danger caused by drivers who are not properly hydrated.

There are many cases where people who are not impaired to drive through drink or drugs but are involved in road traffic accidents and face proceedings for dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention. Very often these driver errors will be as a result of a momentary lapse of concentration or brief error of judgement. The experts suggest that lack of proper hydration could be behind these failures to maintain proper levels of concentration.

The NHS recommends that women should drink about 1.6 L of fluid per day and men  2 L per day as average. This does not take account of particular demands upon the body for extra fluids by, e.g. strenuous physical exercise.

A series of tests carried out did confirm that people who were not properly hydrated were more likely to lose concentration whilst driving, resulting in late breaking, failure to notice hazards ahead and drifting across the centre white line.

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