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Average speed cameras to be used to control air pollution

Motorists will face an increase in speeding ticket and police prosecutions for speeding because average speed cameras are to be allowed on a roads and motorways to reduce air pollution.

Experts say that the reduction of traffic speed ensures the smooth flow of traffic on motorways and reduces harmful emissions.

Research from across Europe, including Holland has shown that reducing the speed limit to 50 mph on motorways in built-up areas significantly reduces harmful emissions.

Average speed cameras track vehicles over a set distance rather than measuring the exact speed at a fixed point. They already cover in excess of 250 miles of road in Britain. The shortest average speed camera in the country is a mile long across Tower Bridge in London.

We predict a significant increase in speeding tickets issued as a result of offences captured by average speed cameras not just on motorways but also on A roads.

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Speeding fines on M60 Motorway

More than 3000 fixed penalty speeding tickets totalling £300,000 have been issued only M-60 motorway through the roadworks.

Motorists were caught out by average speed cameras on a 17 mile stretch of motorway which were activated in February. The speed cameras had been dormant for the previous five months as there had been an ongoing row about the legality of the cameras.

Since greater Manchester police activated the speed cameras which enforce the temporary 50 mile an hour speed limit, over 3000 fixed penalty notices have been served. In one week, 995 motorists face a prosecution for speeding.

The 50 mile per  hour average speed cameras were put in place in November 2014 on the M60 from Junction 8 at Stretford through to junction 20 on the M62 at Rochdale.

This speed camera system is part of the new  smart motorway project which is due to be finalised by autumn 2017. This will introduce approximately 200 new electronic speed signs which will warn drivers of the changes in the mandatory speed limit, lane closures and incidents ahead.

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