Drivers who face a prosecution for a speeding offence in the magistrates court after 24 April will face harsher penalties for the speeding offence.

New speeding offence sentencing guidelines have introduced new  speeding offence fines and speeding offence driving bans.

Anyone caught driving more than 101 mph in a 70 mph zone could be disqualified from driving for speeding for up to 56 days and find up to 175% of their weekly income.

If charged with speeding at 41 mph in a 20mph Zone, 51 in a 30 or 66 in a 40 zone, a speeding offence motorist could be fined up to 150% of the weekly income.

Courts have also made it clear that they are increasingly keen to impose a driving ban is for speeding offences. The services of a speeding offence defence lawyer are crucial when facing a serious speeding offence prosecution even if pleading guilty as an expert defence lawyer will give you the best chance of success in mitigating any penalty the court will impose for the speeding offence.

At TrafficLawyer4u solicitors we have 27 years experience of defending speeding offence cases and a happy to deal with any case in England and Wales at the magistrates court.