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Speeding tickets on the motorway

The number of motorists facing a prosecution for speeding offences on the motorway has drastically increased.

Recently released figures show that over 52,000 speeding tickets were issued on 11 smart sections of motorway including parts of the M1, M25 and M6. This is approximately 50,000 more speeding tickets than the same stretches of motorway five years ago when they were not smart motorways.

Motorists are facing a speeding prosecution largely because of the increased use in variable speed limits on the gantry over motorways. The government insists that this is to improve the running of motorways rather than to raise revenue.

The number of speeding tickets on the M25 has drastically increased around junctions 23 and 24.

The most motorway speeding tickets issued last year were on the M1 between junctions 10–13 at Luton airport – Bedford.  

Read all posts by Robert Bimpson Posted by: Robert Bimpson on November 11st, 2016 @ 08:54 AM
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Average speed cameras to be used to control air pollution

Motorists will face an increase in speeding ticket and police prosecutions for speeding because average speed cameras are to be allowed on a roads and motorways to reduce air pollution.

Experts say that the reduction of traffic speed ensures the smooth flow of traffic on motorways and reduces harmful emissions.

Research from across Europe, including Holland has shown that reducing the speed limit to 50 mph on motorways in built-up areas significantly reduces harmful emissions.

Average speed cameras track vehicles over a set distance rather than measuring the exact speed at a fixed point. They already cover in excess of 250 miles of road in Britain. The shortest average speed camera in the country is a mile long across Tower Bridge in London.

We predict a significant increase in speeding tickets issued as a result of offences captured by average speed cameras not just on motorways but also on A roads.

Read all posts by Robert Bimpson Posted by: Robert Bimpson on December 2nd, 2016 @ 07:55 AM
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