At TrafficLawyer4U solicitors we are being contacted by an increasing number of motorists who are having their driving licences revoked by the DVLA for a variety of reasons.

A marked increase in revoked driving licences is as a result of motorists failing the eye test. A motorist is required to be able to read a motor numberplate from 20m away. Those motorists who fail the eyesight test are regarded as a safety risk and will have their driving licences revoked by the DVLA.

Under a new system introduced, known as Cassie's law, following the death of Cassie McCord by a motorist with failing eyesight, the DVLA can immediately revoke a driving licence after receiving an email because of a failed eye test from the police. The police have the power to carry out a roadside eyesight test if they have concerns that a motorist cannot read signs, markings on the road layout.

It is possible for a motorist to appeal the revocation of a driving licence by the DVLA. The appeal procedure takes place at the Magistrates Court and would only be successful if the motorist could produce reliable medical evidence to confirm that they could pass the eyesight test.