The number of police prosecutions for driving while impaired through drugs is about to massively increase.


The new drug driving rules run alongside the existing law which makes it a criminal offence to drive whilst impaired through any drug.  It does not have to be an illegal drug but can even include over the counter strong pain killers , sleeping tablets and cold remedies.


The new drug driving laws specically set out drugs such as codeine and diazepam which are to be targeted by the police.  It is not a motoring offence to drive whilst these drugs are in your system.  `The offence is committed if your ability to drive is caused by the influence of the drug'.


The real impact of the new rules is that the police will now be able to perform a roadside test using a drugalyser which will instantly tell the police officer what drugs are in the drivers system.

 The penalties for drug driving are a minimum one year driving ban together with a fine , community order or even prison sentences in the most serious cases. 

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