Our Criminal Courts Are Empty, But Our Traffic Courts Are Full

As regular followers of my blog will be aware I genuinely believe that the forces of Law and Order devote far more time to prosecuting the motorist than they do chasing serioius criminals.

Most Prosecutions are for Low Level Offences

Whilst one must accept the need to police our highways in order to ensure that they run smoothly and stay safe, the reality is that most motoring prosecutions are for low level speeding offences. In Cumbria, the traffic police will issue you with a ticket for driving at 77mph on the motorway. There can be no real argument that this has anything to do with road safety. In my experience speeding cases are always prosecuted by the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Attitude of Prosecution Lawyers

What's even more amazing is the attitude of Prosecution lawyers in these cases. They devote huge amounts of their time and energy trying to obtain a conviction in a low level speeding case, yet for thousands of offences involving violence they authorise the Police to administer a caution.

Some may say this is not true. But believe me it is. Take a look in any of the Magistrate Courts up and down the land. The Criminal Courts are deserted. Which one is always full to bursting?...The Traffic Court.

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