Further evidence is published demonstrating the need for cyclists to be treated as other road users.  They should have to pass a test of competance, wear a safety helmet and make sure they are visible at all times to the drivers of other vehicles.

Over the last four years over 23000 accidents were reported in London involving cyclists.  The vast majority involved a collision with either a van or goods vehicle.


A recent study found that cyclists often did not take essentiel safety precautions such as wearing helmets or having lights on after dark.  For how long is this madness going to be allowed to continue especially as the police will almost always try to pin the blame on the motorist in the event of a fatal road traffic accident.  It is my firm view that cyclists must be held responsible for the safety of themselves and other drivers just like all other motorists.  A significant step towards this would be the introduction of compulsory testing and safety wear.

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