Analysis: Is There Proof Speed Cameras Reduce Speeding?

It is regularly said by the powers that be, that the presence of speed cameras on our roads improves road safety by reducing traffic speed.

However, a careful examination of the facts does not support this. The most profitable speed camera has been identified as an average speed check on the M60 at Stockport, Greater Manchester. This system has been there for years. One would expect therefore, that traffic moving along that stretch of motorway would be moving at 50mph. Not so. Recent police figures show that in the last 3 years it has generated £1.9 million through motorists being fined.

Given that fixed penalty speeding tickets are £60 a time it is not hard to work out that despite the presence of these speed cameras, a huge volume of motorists have broken the speed limit. Clearly they don't work. They do however generate further government revenue out of the motorist. I remain to be convinced that money is not taking priority over issues of safety.