The number of motorists facing a prosecution for a speeding offence in the magistrates court has reached a record high with 1 million people being prosecuted for speeding in 2015.

New figures from the Department of Transport show that speeding offence prosecutions have risen by more than 16% in the past two years. This has resulted in a huge number of motorists requiring the service of a speeding offence solicitor.

This has also resulted in a vast increase in the number of people facing a possible driving ban for speeding, once again requiring the service of a speeding offence solicitor.

These figures show that speeding offences were the only motoring offence to have risen over the last few years. Dangerous driving charges and driving without insurance charge have been on the decline.

An additional problem is that more and more people are facing a driving ban for speeding because they are very quickly reaching 12 points on the driving licence and face a totting up driving ban. Once again a specialist traffic lawyer, like ourselves, should be instructed as soon as the problem arises so that the motorist can avoid a driving ban.