What Is The Definition of a Motor Vehicle?

I think this is the first time in my 24 year career that I have disagreed with a magistrates court that found in favour of the motorist.

A few weeks ago a chap appeared before the Bury St. Edmunds Magistrates Court. He was charged with driving whilst disqualified. He had previously been disqualified for driving with excess alcohol. Being a particularly resourceful gentleman he decided as he couldnt drive a motor car he would transport himself by way of a motorised skateboard. The police saw him, arrested him and prosecuted him for driving a motor vehicle whilst disqualified.

The chap pleaded not guilty upon the basis that the skateboard was not a motor vehicle. Having considered all the evidence, the magistrates found him not guilty. They felt a reasonable person would not think it was a motor vehicle.

Please note that decision was wrong! Please do not follow it.

In any other court, on any other day this would have been a guilty verdict. The skateboard was powered by an engine and specific case law on virtually the exact same thing confirms that it is a motor vehicle, so I advise you, do not drive one if you are disqualified, drunk, etc, etc. I suspect that the Crown Prosecution Service will appeal the decision and it will be overturned.