Driving In The Middle Lane? Face a £60 Fine!

The war against the motorist continues! How worrying is it that government statistics show record numbers of people receiving cautions for serious criminal offences and yet the police have just received new powers in the fight to make the world a safer place by being able to issue on the spot fines for motorists hogging the middle lane.

Did somone really spend time wondering how the policing of our great nation could be improved and come up with this?

Whilst we all get irritated by middle lane hoggers, the problem will become one of definition. At what point are you hogging the middle lane? After all, The Highway Code advises that motorists should not change lanes unnecessarily. The decision will become that of the police officer exclusively. Their evidence will not require corroboration by anybody else or for example a speed recording device. The undoubted consequence of this developement is that the number of motorists receiving penalty points for "careless driving" will massively increase.

I have recently seen an increase in motorists obsessively lurching into the inside lane of the motorway, almost inevitably then undertaking a driver in the middle lane. I am to be convinced that this improves motorway safety. It will however markedly increase Government revenue from the motorist. Surely that couldnt have been the motivation behind this increase in police powers...