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Careless Driving Lawyers Bristol

Are you facing a Careless Driving Charge? Traffic Lawyer 4 U are expert Careless Driving Solicitors in Bristol and can help you with your careless driving case.

Remember, if any potential prosecution is to be defended successfully, the sooner work begins on your defence the better. Do not be tempted to forget about it and hope it will go away, it won’t.

It is an offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention. (Road Traffic Act 1988 s3)

Careless Driving has a very wide definition. The driver does not have to be driving a motor vehicle but any mechanically propelled vehicle and the offence can take place not only on public roads but any other place to which the public has access.

What is the charge for Careless Driving?

The maximum penalties following a conviction for careless driving are a fine, obligatory penalty points of between 3 – 9 and the court has a power to disqualify at its discretion. It is our job firstly to secure an acquittal if possible and, if not, to ensure that any penalty imposed is kept to the absolute minimum.

Defence for your Carless Driving Offence

A thorough examination of the facts by an expert may reveal a defence to careless driving. For example there may be circumstances where a person was under some kind of threat or fear that caused him to drive in the way that he did. With a skilled advocate this could amount to the defence of duress, which would avoid a conviction for careless driving.

A driver may lose control of a vehicle due to malfunction of the vehicle. Usually to avoid a conviction for careless driving, an expert engineer would be called by us, on your behalf. This again could avoid conviction for careless driving.

As dedicated Careless Driving Solicitors we will not shy away from questioning, exposing and exploiting any weakness in a prosecution case against any of our clients who face an allegation of careless driving.

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