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Causing Death by Dangerous Driving Legal Representation

We live in a world where transport by motorcar is undoubtedly the most popular and convenient method used by the overwhelming majority of people. The sad reality is that in a world very densely populated with people and motorcars there will be road traffic accidents. In a limited number of these cases there will be injury caused to people and in a few unfortunate cases people will die as a result of these road traffic accidents.

At Trafficlawyer4u solicitors we are highly experienced at dealing with the more serious prosecutions under the Road Traffic Act. If a person faces a prosecution for an offence of this nature it is vital that they receive specialist advice from a dedicated firm of traffic law specialists with significant experience in this field. We can provide quality death by dangerous driving legal representation. How the case is prepared and presented at Court will have a very significant impact upon the outcome of the case and any penalty imposed by the Court for any offence of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving or Causing Death by Careless Driving.

Death by Dangerous Driving Police Investigation

Following a road traffic accident where there has been a fatality there will be a police investigation. This investigation will be carried out by police forensic/accident examiners. They will examine the road surface, the weather conditions, and the conditions of any vehicles involved and of course the police will speak to not only the drivers of all the vehicles concerned but also any potential independent witnesses to a road accident.

This information will then be put together and put before the Crown Prosecution Service who will then make a decision as to whether or not a person should face prosecution as a result of the accident.

If the Crown Prosecution Service believes that the driver of a motor vehicle is responsible for a road traffic accident which has resulted in the death of another person then that person will face prosecution for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

If you are being prosecuted for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving then please contact us on 0800 195 6567 or fill in our online enquiry form for more information regarding our Drink Driving Services.

Death by Dangerous Driving Legal Representation

It is very important to note also that, just because the police and the Crown Prosecution Service are of the opinion that a driver is at fault that is not automatically the finding of the Court. At Trafficlawyer4u solicitors we have extensive experience of defending in cases, which have arisen as a result of a road traffic accident. We have access to highly skilled and experienced forensic and traffic examiners who are able, once again to consider all of the evidence in the case and on many occasions will reach a finding which is different to that of the police. In these cases this information is then put before the Court during the course of the trial and on many occasions an individual will be found not guilty upon the basis that the defence expert evidence is regarded as more persuasive than that of the prosecution.

It is recommended that if the driver of a motor vehicle is involved in a road traffic accident causing serious injury or death, they should contact us immediately. The police will certainly want to carry out an interview of that individual prior to the file being prepared with a view to prosecution. It is essential that the driver in that situation has the benefit of a specialist defence solicitor to make sure they are correctly advised at the outset of any police investigation.

Contact us about Causing Death by Careless Driving Services

For more information regarding Causing Death by Careless Driving Services then please contact us on 0800 195 6567 or email us at info@trafficlawyer4u.com



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