Challenge My Speeding Ticket

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Challenge My Speeding Ticket

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence. You could also be disqualified from driving if you accumulate 12 or more penalty points within a 3 year period. A Magistrates Court has the discretion to impose between 3 and 6 points and a fine up to £1000 (£2500 on motorways). If you are a new driver and still within 2 years of passing your driving test, your driving licence will be revoked if you build up 6 or more penalty points.

If you are to be prosecuted for speeding, you should receive a notice of intended prosecution that documents the critical factors and information of the alleged incident. Speed cameras are by no means infallible and legal procedures are often flawed, some of the significant details we consider in your defence include-

  • Was the speed reading accurate?
  • Was the ticket issued within the specified time-limit?
  • Can the prosecution prove who was operating the vehicle at the moment of offence?
  • Were there any spelling or grammar errors in the paperwork you
  • received?
  • Is the relevant camera calibration data accessible?
  • Were there special circumstances?

If you believe the allegations made against you are not valid you should contact us straight away. Given that you may be in danger of a driving ban or penalty points on your driving licence you should consult a speeding offence solicitor without delay

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Case Study - Speeding Offence

Mr F was charged with speeding. The speed alleged was very high and, if convicted, Mr F faced the likelihood of a driving ban. We contacted the Crown Prosecution Service and obtained all the evidence that the prosecution intended to rely upon.



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